Found dog

Found a black lab at the BP at Pavo Rd and South Main in Moultrie. He followed a runner on the bike trail. Contact me if you know where he belongs. He’s very friendly! Proof of ownership required!
229 589 0825 p


I just saw a all white boxer. Had no collar. Behind hibachi express in lee county.


If anyone is missing a white and brown or white and brindle pit or pit mix with red collar it got in out backyard last nite we didn’t get a pic my bulldog was not happy about it we had to shoo him away we live in the 700 block of 9th ave it is the 2 nite in a row it has gotten in our back yard not sure how but don’t see it in the daytime , just FYI if you hear of anything

Lost dog

Liver colored English Cocker….female.. 2 years old… Missing from Tallahassee Road in Albany..may head towards Sasser if she is trying to find her way home..last seen this morning… Wearing a collar… Thank you so much!
881-7266 lisa griffin


Lost cat

We have a lost cat! Please help!
Joe is an orange and white cat, 6 years old, 12 pounds lost in the Westover Blvd area this morning (across from Woodall’s). Please call Westover Animal Hospital on 229 883-1618 and 229 431-0054. Thank you! Reward!


Lost dog Americus

has been missing since yesterday morning. This is my best friends dog in americus..
Please call 2298150797


Black and white Boston terrier spotted in Leesburg on Brasstown off of Groover, he/she was in my neighbors yard when I was walking my daughter in after her game tonight. My dogs and this dog were barking at each other, he/she growled and started to charge us. I stepped out in front and he/she stopped and kept growling. Once my daughter was inside I tried to get him/her to come to me, but it wouldn’t. It just ran off barking into the dark. Just incase anyone is missing it, I would hate for the dog to hurt a child, or to be shot for being aggressive…

Found dog


Found kitten

Proof of ownership required!


Lost dog

Missing yesterday 10/22/14 ,Bichon frise. Eager Drive. Family pet for years has white ice eye. (Blind) Contact 229 288 2876 johanna or 496 9148 Trice. – at Zaxby’s.