Lost small white dog red collar

Lost small white dog wearing a red collar. We live on Costner court near the school Deerfield. He got out the house yesterday around 8:00 am. The collar he was wearing had my sisters name, phone # and address on it. We have pictures if required. We just want to get him back!!!!
My phone number is 229-2917399 and the number on the tag is 229-895-2695

Found injured kitty lake park area


Found dog

This angel was found in Pine ln Lee County. Proof of ownership required!




Found dog

Proof of ownership required to claim! (229)457-6665


Attention please

If. You refer someone to our Facebook page or website PLEASE help us save so much time by letting them know WE NEED CONTACT INFO! Phone number required for lost pets, phone OR email for found pets and all found pets owners need to provide proof of ownership to claim! Thank you ❤️


Still missing!


Lost cat

Our sweet, black rescue cat Terri is missing. When found a little over a year ago, she had to have her right eye removed because it had ruptured. She had surgery on her left eye due to a birth defect. She can see, but we’re not sure how well. She is extremely shy and would not come if called. She is not afraid of our dogs, not sure about others. We live on Alachua Lane in the Canuga Park subdivision in Lee County. She slipped out last Saturday night, Feb. 14, when noise from visiting children frightened her. She is not able to find food for herself and we are worried about the very cold nights. She is likely hiding in someone’s shrubbery, under an out-building, or in a storage building if she can find a way in. If you approach her, she is likely to run. Please call us and we will come for her.

Dorothy or Richard Griffin

Found dog


Found dog

Proof of ownership required! Call 229-347-3655 if your dog